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Lesbian Love Octagon

a musical comedy about dyke drama

Book and lyrics by Kimberlea Kressal

Music and additional lyrics by Will Larche

The  Drama

Set in the late 90s on the Lower East Side of New York City, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON follows the journey of Sue, a heartbroken dyke, as she tries to cope with losing her girlfriend to her ex-girlfriend (who is now a transman). When Sue’s friends (a bevy of ex-girlfriends and ex-girlfriends' ex-girlfriends) come rushing to her aid, they incite a tempest of lust and betrayal as they try to convince Sue that the answer to happiness exists in polyamory, pomade, and online personals in the dial-up era. Sue’s quest for love becomes a quest for self when she realizes that her lesbian identity has eclipsed all other aspects of who she is.


A riotous look at a righteous time in lesbian history, LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON is a musical for anyone who has ever loved wimmin's bookstores, tofu, or cats.

photo by Liz Liguori

The  Gossip

LESBIAN LOVE OCTAGON played to rave reviews and sold-out houses when it premiered in New York City. Scroll through the reviews to see what the critics said. The praise that mattered most was from our queer community who celebrated the chance to see themselves represented in a musical. 

"After a performance, a group of lesbians in their 70s approached me. They had driven 7 hours in caravans to come to see the show. When I commented on the long journey they brushed it off, 'What was a 7-hour drive when they’d waited their entire lives to see themselves on stage?' "

 - Writer / Director Kimberlea Kressal

Vibration Salvation

performed by Jenny Atwood

& Kelly Lockwood

Vocals recorded by Katie Britton
performed by Caitlin Lee Reid
Ubiquitous Ex-Girlfriend

performed by Gretchen Wylder


The  Music

Additional vocals performed by Sarah Louise Anderson, Jenny Atwood, Felicia Blum, Katie Britton, Margaret French, Ti Grieco, Kelly Higgins, Jax Jackson, Kelly Lockwood, Mary Kate Morrissey, Katy Richter, and Gretchen Wylder.

Music Produced by Tara Dawn Grieco

Sound Engineered by Reed Taylor, Lofish Studios


© 2018 by Kimberlea Kressal.