Um, what’s this blog?

Well, I don’t mind telling you curious reader, it is the answer to my favorite question...‘Kim, what are you watching?’ The answer is EVERYTHING.

I LOVE television. I consume an unhealthy amount of it. I have an unparalleled stamina for binging (I credit my Aunt Darcy and Blockbuster for helping me to develop this skill in early adolescence). I’m using this blog to write about what I watch. I may occasionally write about what I read or a podcast I listen to or a play I see, but mostly this is my space to totally fan out about television. Don’t expect well-constructed critiques about the evolution of aristotelian plot structure in the age of new media nor should you expect that all the TV I watch is elevated content (prepare for numerous posts about Bachelor in Paradise people). I love television, I especially love television that against all odds becomes art. These are my love letters, plain and simple.


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