I'd wanted to write my own series for years, but the task felt insurmountable because, despite being a capable writer, I had no idea how to approach writing for television. Kim's class demystified the entire process, breaking it down step by step, and making the work feel approachable and exciting. For the first time in my career, I feel confident in my ability to create a vehicle for myself as an actor, and my only regret is that I didn't take Kim's class sooner. 

- Nicole P.


After years of succumbing to a paralyzing fear of writing, Kim has finally guided me out of my shell. Her gentle and understanding approach to the class combined with her extensive knowledge of the tv writing art form creates the perfect recipe for growth. If you are waiting to tell your story, stop waiting. I’m so grateful that I got out of my own way and signed up for class. Kim is a gem and I feel so lucky to have found her.

- Chelsey D.

Kim's TV writing class is a gift to every aspiring writer in town. It's completely changed how I approach scripts and gives me the insight and confidence to pursue a career in writing. BUT IT'S ALSO SO MUCH FUN!!! My favorite part of the class is reading fellow actor/writers' work. I'm always so inspired by the wild and personal stories people bring in. It's a great reminder that we all have an interesting story to tell and a unique voice to tell it with.

- Dralla A.

Kim’s class is absolutely amazing. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends, whether they’ve been writing for years or have never written anything before. She breaks down television structure and simplifies it in such a fun way. Kim creates a comfortable and safe environment to share work in, I used to dread having my work be read out loud and now every week in class I’m excited to share. Taking Kim's class was easily the best money I’ve ever spent on my career. 

- Maddie M.

I’ve had a script idea in my head for years and haven’t had the confidence to put anything down on paper. Kim breaks down the process into such clear bite-size pieces that the overwhelming fear that kept me from writing is practically non-existent and I’ve seen that same thing happen with every single person in our class. She gives us all such personalized attention and incredible feedback that it feels like we’re all getting private coaching in a supportive group setting.

 - Sharon F.

This class is fantastic. Kim breaks down structure simply and clearly. She peels back all the layers of a show so you can see the scaffold it’s hanging on and learn how to build your own. Also her notes are insightful and will make your shit work better. 

- Maha C.


This class helped me see my project through when I wanted to give up, gave me confidence when I felt discouraged, and helped me gain a whole new understanding of story.

- Liz E.


Practically speaking, this is the most information, devoted time, and personal hand-holding you can get for the price. Not to mention Kim is incredibly smart, talented, focused, and cares about the outcome. Kim will help you find the heart of your story and teach you how to first simplify, then make it active, engaging, and personal.

-Vayu O.

It should go without saying that Kim, and the other students in this class, will make you a better writer, they absolutely do. But this class will also make you a better, more thoughtful, more intentional artist.

 - Quinn F.