I burst into water; out of her womb, swimming in an ocean of placenta, blood, and salt. I burst from her belly with a splash. My first breath is wet and beyond the water I can hear the sounds of a decade coming to an end. I outstretch my infant arms, clenched fists ready to fight. “Shhhhh,” they say, anticipating the scream that doesn’t come. Suddenly we’re both cold and the first shiver of reality sets in. “It’s a girl!” the doctor says, my mother repeats. This moment will define me. This moment more than any other, this moment of interpolation; the doctor says, my mother repeats “It’s a girl.”

Kim is represented by:

MANAGE-MENT                                      CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY 

Corinne Hayoun                                                        Austin Denesuk               

310-208-4411                                                              Wilhelmina Ross



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